Branibor Pub

A place for all generations and all seasons.

The oldest pub in Celje and elsewhere in the same location since 1721, the first license for operation in 1851.

In the meantime, the place changed several names and owners. The name Branibor was given in the time of fighting for the northern border and town Maribor.

A Group of people, who fought under the command of General Rudolf Maister, were gathering at the bar and the name is short for “brani Maribor” / “defend Maribor Since 2003, it is managed by the company Branibor d.o.o.. In the meantime time the place came alive again. Branibor Pub has two annual gardens, one on the sidewalk before the restaurant and one in the courtyard of a more closed type, which it shares with Branibor Club opened in 2010. Cellar (Ghetto) we rent for groups of up to 30 people.

Branibor Pub

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    Branibor Pub

    Stanetova ulica 29, 3000 Celje


    +386 (0)41 288 604


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