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About us

Branibor d.o.o

Branibor d.o.o. is a company with a 22-year tradition of providing catering services. With seven restaurants and cafes, we are one of the most successful and largest catering companies in Celje and its surroundings.

Our story has began in 2001 with the opening of pub Nova Izba in Šempeter – Savinjska valley. Nova Izba soon became one of the most popular bar in its surroundings.

Wanting to offer quality catering services to an even wider circle of people, we have opened Branibor Pub in year 2013.  Branibor Pub is located in the center of town Celje in the oldest hotel establishment in Celje, situated at this location since 1721.

In 2005, were two existing restaurants accompanied by third. In Vojnik we have opened Terra Caffe next to the TUŠ supermarked.

Soon after this, in 2007  family of our restaurants got its fourth member. Caffe Monaco opened its doors to visitos in TUŠ supermarket in Žalec

Based on our observations that Celje lacks a place and opportunities for fun for all generations, we have undertaken a thorough renovation of the building at Branibor Pub, which bears the same year of construction as Branibor Pub namely 1721st.

In October 2010 we opened Branibor Club at the existing Branibor Pub. Branibor Club, with its rich historic design and diverse program for all generations soon became one of the most visited clubs in Celje.

As the last from our wide range of clubs we opened Kea Caffe located in shopping center Kea in Šentjur.

From mid-July 2023, you can already enjoy the best coffee in Šentjur at Kavarna Julija. In order to enable the widest possible range of people to use quality catering services, in mid-September 2023, we expanded our activity to the municipality of Braslovče, where the group of bars of the company Branibor d.o.o. joined the “fairytale” seventh bar, BB Caffe.


Branibor d.o.o. always has and always will be a synonym for quality catering services and providing the best entertainment for all tastes and generations in the wider area of Celje.


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