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In renovated Branibor Club in the heart of Celje, rich past is intertwined with dynamic events for all tastes and generations. The oldest pub in the city, which once represented the eastern gate of the city, once hosted a horse station under its roof, wine cellar and a hotel. It was also a meeting place for military recruits, conscripts and reservists. Given its rich history, it is not surprising that Branibor was up to 60 years of the last century scene of boxing fights and bookmaker.

It was always full with special events, which mark the life - baptisms, weddings, evenths and moments which are in good company worth to celebrate.

Popular gathering place used to have different names, both German and Slovenian. The current name Branibor was established in honor of General Rudolf Maister soldiers, who once went from Celje to fight for the northern border, or endeavored to defend Maribor. Regardless of the historical era, the place still retains the status of a trendy place. With the renewal and renovation of the old part so-called stables in the Branibor Club, and courtyard in the covered terrace, Branibor Club got a new refreshed appearance. With its retro-modern atmosphere the club is trendy, but warm, homely and timeless.

Renovated and restored arched ceiling and original stone pillars give it a unique touch that reminds visitors of the rich tradition. A Modernly designed atrium, a combination of stone, metal and wood creates ambience, suitable for a wide range of events.


The fact that Branibor Club knows how to keep its playfulness, witness a unique sheltered outdoor playground for kids where the youngest can release their imaginations, in the context of children's workshops.

Under his wing Branibor Club takes all generations, adapts organized events for different tastes, atmospheres and opportunities. A coffee bar with a soul, which in the evening turns into a venue for various events (concerts, shows, stand-up events), and on weekends in the most dynamic dance floor in the city.
Branibor Club also has a place for business events and meetings for closed groups.

The special charm are of course giving visitors, who contribute to wider-ranging developments, unique atmosphere, and help maintain the tradition in the heart of Celje.

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